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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

“A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason” J.P. Morgan

Someone I know was having problems with her boiler at home. She called maintenance and in his first hour to diagnose the problem, he claimed that it could not be fixed in one visit. He would have to return multiple times to install a new boiler and fix the problem.  The good reason for the outlook is on the surface: her wish was to have hot water at home. Was that so?

When we immerse ourselves to see what is behind the situations we live, we start seeing stranger things. It is usually covered by a moral explanation that makes us see ourselves as a good person. If we let ourselves dive into the world of associations in our minds, we will find the real reason, which isn’t pretty and it has monsters that stand exactly where we stand. Sometimes we are not brave enough to expose ourselves and yet, this excuse may seem just as good as any. 

The point in life is to bring ourselves to a better potential state than we previously were. Nevertheless, it is not a new boiler, a new home, or new familiar faces that will take us to such state, nor the lack of it for the record. But it is how we choose to handle these apparent random encounters.

We can create a rational and logical explanation for everything that happened and for any choice we will make. How can we identify if we are choosing for the best or just a temporary fix? The first hint is that the answer isn’t logic when we chose for the best. When we have a sense of integration of our physical and subtle intelligence, we can see what is behind the situations we live.  We will then be able to chose our words and actions with clarity. We will see what our desire really is and we can handle current and future encounters from a better perspective. 

Change now and live a different effect.

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