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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

The threats made by journalists and doctors, almost on a daily basis, lead us to create an order of importance in life before we leave our homes to go to work. If not, we would feel so afraid that it would be impossible to live outside a bunker or an antiseptic bubble.

It turns out that the atomic realities are created by an intelligence that puts together the atoms according to the consciousness formed for that situation. This is how the universe works, regardless of the fact that scientists still cannot explain how and why.

What forms a consciousness/ reality of things? According to what we express in words and actions that when in tune, they become reality faster. Of course that this is not a magic formula or a pastry that we buy ready-to-go at the bakery nearby, but rather an intelligent process.

Speed up the process or try to shorten the path through rational and logical shortcuts, scientifically creates undesirable effects. Shoving a chick with hormones so that it turns into chicken in half hour, will never be healthy. The only way to improve all our creative processes in our reality is taking care of every word and action that we say and practice.

Respecting the laws of nature, fundamentally the law of cause and effect in the smallest circumstances, is what gives us control over our lives and its events. Never mind the big situations and look closely at your daily communication practice with your subtle consciousness. Being responsible for the little things that we say and do, we can control any major situation.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.