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By Diana Morais

The French people are globally known for their sincerity. One of the definitions of the word frank is “direct and unreserved in speech”. More effective than our words is our attitude. Of course that speaking our minds has an effect but if our actions aren’t aligned, there is no point. We will be giving away empty opinions.

What is behind the french frank attitude is appreciation and care, with much more gentle and sweet nuances than most people are able to realize. Men greet each other with two kisses on the cheek and it is no wonder that a city like Paris is so feminine, elegant and at the same time grandiose and monumental.

French people are not interested in a perception that highlights the differences but what can your attitude add the group. However, we can only add value when we act accordingly in our individual lives. Another definition I found of the word frank is  “one that sees and perceives him/herself with ease, open”. This is the first key to change in a sustainable manner: appreciation and self-perception.

If we have no respect for who we are, where we are and what we live, whenever we speak frankly, it will be a childish manifestation hoping for a salvation from outside. Our choices always have an impact. Besides, we can travel the world and visit a city like Paris and we will fail to see its beauty and its value properly. Where we are is always perfect for our maturity.

Change now and live a different effect.

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