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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

To know is based on the past. To learn is to build the future.

To know is temporary. To learn is permanent.

To know is an understanding. To learn is an attitude.

We may know that a country is going through a crisis. We can let the common sense drive our actions or we can learn how to prosper in the midst of difficulties. The fact that it is a general knowledge does not make it a rule. Everyone has the potential to change and learn with the process assuming their responsibilities. The principle applies to the smallest circumstances.
Here is another simple and personal example: When my dear father came to visit me in Paris, I wanted to buy him tickets for a match at the Parc de Prince for him and his dear wife. As I entered the website to buy them online, I saw there were tickets for a Champions League match on sale. I bought two tickets for the PSG x Barcelona game plus two tickets for another match for my father and his wife (since the dates of his visit did not coincide with the Barcelona game). I came to know later on, that the majority tried to buy the tickets for the Barcelona game without success and others were considering paying a fortune from another reseller.

As Mark Twain said: “All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure”. There were no barriers between me and my desire to watch the game (and what a game, I must say! PSG won 3-2). I simply acted towards it and the process happened smoothly. If I knew that it was almost impossible to buy these tickets, my attitude, when accessing the website, would have influenced the outcome because of what I knew, based on a barrier I would have established.

The only constant is change. How can we learn to change our behaviour based on what is best? When we use sentences such as “This is who I am” we weaken our capacity to change to live a better version of ourselves, that is closer to what we desire. To learn is up to each one of us and it requires an effort. What we know becomes obsolete based on what we have to learn.

Change now and live a different effect.

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