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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

If we realized how powerful our desire is, we would handle differently a seduction. We wouldn’t be trapped in the effort and the fight of convincing and seducing someone. We would have true freedom, no need of approval of someone’s opinions about ourselves. The need to speak and express ourselves with the objective of impressing someone would be replaced by the silence of the desire.

Unfortunately we chose to make a lot of noise from wills and wants that are declared almost as a threat. We do not follow our essence for the fear of being unnoticed. After all, we watch so many failures on the big and small screens, which always show people suffering from love.

Oh well, no one suffers if it is a true desire. We suffer because we have temporary wills,  we want to have power over someone else. We disguise the whole truth with our theatre, sometimes trying to fool the other person and sometimes trying to deceive ourselves with the mask we invent.

The art of attraction is waiting the maturation process of a truthful relationship. It cannot be rushed, it cannot be mistaken with what we want instantly.

We are subject to the codes of conduct that we no longer know the difference between desires and wills. The first is timeless, it does not pass, while the second one responds to our immediate survival instinct that we won’t even remember tomorrow anymore.

The real catch happens when there is no other option. It is not when we want to date or to marry but when we only see a single possibility. Abandon the impatience to be able to create what is best, leaving your desire to mature naturally.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.