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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

The expression leads us to think that some of us are big and some of us are small, when in fact we are all the biggest. We don’t need to underestimate anyone to make ourselves big. If someone else’s attitudes are bothering you to the extent where you feel they need a lesson, think again. I guarantee there’s is something you are not seeing in your own behaviour. Even if that person is your 5 year old son who seems to know nothing about life. They have a lot more to teach you about yourself than you give them credit for.

Sometimes that person is a husband who is constantly irritating by leaving his shoes everywhere around the house. The more the wife runs after him to correct him, the more barriers she builds for a harmonious relationship. On the other hand, he cannot help himself because he doesn’t realize what it is that he is doing, in the first place. Behind his attitude there is one perception about how he thinks relationships should be. Until one of them acts maturely and outgrows whatever it is that is irritating, they are doomed to a superficial interaction where nobody makes an effort to grow up. 

They might even consider acting based on a retaliation policy, which, let me say, it almost drove countries and humanity to the verge of extinction. 

Recognising ourselves in others is the challenge to constantly change our perception about who we really are, despite our sympathy for the messenger or the lack thereof. 

Change now and live a bigger and better effect.