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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Everything in nature teaches us about how life works. We don’t need to believe in anything. We need to change our behaviour and be patient with the process.

You have already noticed that these articles do not contain any striking news. They are reminders of who we are and how we can improve our perception about ourselves, about our role in the atomic world. Or we can continue to do everything as always, and think that it is normal to depend on anti-depressants to sleep. We always have the choice to do the same way or to change.

We know that when we plant a seed, there is a cycle to be observed until the fruit begins to sprout. That time when it seems that nothing is happening, is the hidden aspect of our actions. We need to fertilize, water, work the land and have patience with the process.

Since we are the google generation, we want the answers in one click. When we don’t have the results immediately we question what is “wrong”, then we nourish an industry of toxics to “fix” what we cannot see about our own actions. We are always comparing our land with our neighbour’s  and what we consider to be “normal”.

We are all the same, what matters is how we act in our reality. The more respect you have for you and for your process, the less you will depend on poisons to feel fulfilled. Just act differently than you did in the past. Slowly but surely.

Change now and live another effect.