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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

The beauty of a woman cannot be noticed in her aesthetics, specially when the reference to evaluate her is a specific model or a comparison to someone else. Define who is more or less something, does not take into account the complexity of the scientific  information available: we are all made out of the same components that form our DNA, only with different sequences or combinations.

If you did not notice that the control of everything in our lives is inside ourselves, in our subtil common intelligence, you are still very much asleep. This is how we create life stories that only exist in our heads, only to nourish the memory or the image that doesn’t go beyond the apparel we intend to wear.

In order to wake up from this theatre of intentions, we must assume our true desires. Create concepts or patterns, even if they are illusive, is to create a hierarchical barrier. Pretend that we are this or that does not work anymore.

The effect of everything we create gets closer to the cause in a devastating way, exposing anything that isn’t related to our original intention. Live in a daydream and in an entangle of attitudes that are merely representations creates all kinds of diseases.

We already know that our brilliant judgement or political cleverness are not enough to protect us from our lies and aggressions.

There is only one way to keep ourselves awake to a life without ups and downs, it is to recognize our purpose of being incarnated: manifest our desire for the best. Gain absolute freedom, fulfilling your dreams with the truth of your essence.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.