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Por Diana Morais
Coach de Consciência

Have you noticed that we often consider only two sides for most situations? There is always a variation of interpretations about the same fact. However, nothing in the universe is black or white, good or bad, right or wrong… There is a wide range of attitudes and choices  from one side to the other. There is also a higher value to the whole situation. Nevertheless, this higher value can only be achieved in group.

A group of people can strongly hate the orange colour. They can create the most incredible arguments to banish this colour from the planet. Those that defend the orange colour want to protect themselves from the blue’s attacks. They even feel entitled to the same response because many are currently suffering.  They convince themselves that the orange (and their arguments) are worth more than the blue. Nevertheless, the potential to create a new colour is there regardless of the existence of the blue  and independent of those that hate the orange. Besides, between blue and orange, ask Pantone how many variations there are.  If both colours (re)act the same way, they are worth the same.

One does not need to diminish the other to feel worthwhile because together they can create a new colour. On the other hand, we will only deteriorate the planet if we cannot deal with the differences.

In the  Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change that I am currently taking at INSEAD Fontainebleau, diversity is a pre-requisite to build a classroom. It is the diversity that makes the experience more enriching, because everyone has something to add, as distinct as our opinions and origins may be.

If nowadays it is rare to observe the mutual respect within a family, make no mistake you will act with the same integrity in your social circle. Observe yourself in the first place, because as strong as your arguments may be, your attitudes speak louder. Haven’t you heard the cliche “your attitude determines your altitude”? Except that there is no hierarchy in the universe,  we are all essential and potentially the same. What makes one successful or not, happy or not is the respect one has for  him/herself and consequently for others. It is the only way we can create a higher value and a better world.

Change now and live a different effect.