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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Have you ever had the feeling of walking straight into a trap that you built yourself, unconsciously? The beauty of the universe is that we are always accountable for our outcomes. So long as we strengthen the responsibility for our choices, there is always a way out. It sounds like a paradox but freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

When we were kids,  we were limited to the choices our parents gave us. As we grow up and assume the responsibilities for our lives, we broaden our choices. We only get trapped when we nurture our fears and limitations, we always have a choice. The option might even be “doing nothing” for the time it takes until the reality, that we are responsible for creating, presents itself in a different angle. It might be that I am not really choosing but repeating a pattern that I learnt from someone I trusted, even if I tell myself that the last thing I want to is behave like that person, or relive what they went through.  This is when we place the cheese right into the trap we don’t want to walk into.

Instead of refusing and rejecting each other’s nature and differences, let’s focus on the things that makes us all the same. There is no hierarchy in the cause and effect law in the universe, and we are each other’s channels to figure out  a piece of the puzzle for the fulfilment of  creating our next scenario / our desire. The more we chose to use our nature for their purposes, the more clarity we have in how to change and how to live in permanent harmony with ourselves and others.

It is an exercise that requires a detachment as we become an observer  of our own actions,  we gain perspective of who we really are, we access our purest intuition and what is beyond our five senses. Because our real power lies in our infinite essence, that reflects and unfolds based on what we manifest with our apparent “fragile” structure.

Change now and live a different effect.