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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

When we talk about changes, we associate it with a feeling of uncertainty. If we talk about reorganising the dynamics of a relationship, the majority reacts with a robotic “doomsday” fearfulness. What now? We have the choice to integrate ourselves now or  later about the new  situation, because we can only act as a victim for a limited time.

Our ancestors thought that the Earth was flat, until someone got close to the “edge” and everyone declared the end of times. It became the end of times, indeed, the end of times as they knew it.Of course, they didn’t create google maps the following day,  but they had to change their perception about the world that they lived in. Just like when we found out that there wasn’t any monster under our bed, but we needed the courage to face it to change our perception about it.   This courage exposes us to an unknown situation of vulnerability, where creativity  and growing stronger lives, and it is the effort we need to make to change any reality.

Nature teaches us that when there is no balance in a relationship, it breaks. Why? To recreate balance through new connections or grow up with the same relationship. We can justify the status quo with incredible calculations and well prepared arguments, worthy of an expert on the subject,  but the universe is perfect, even if we consider the events as a disaster. We all have our buttons that when pushed cause anger and suffering, but the more we learn how to deal with the same situations with a different attitude, keeping perspective of what is best, the more  we create balance and we respect our essence. We can also chose to avoid the change until it breaks, and we end up having to change our perception anyway…

You may be reading this thinking of a love relationship, but it can also be about a relationship with your daughter, or about the European Union, or about your job…this is the beauty of the cause and effect law, it is independent of time ans space, because it is not an opinion but how the universe works.

Change now and live a different effect.