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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Our moral and ethics demand us to assume certain positions in life. They become part of the rules for a respectable social functioning. We learn early on that we must be grateful when we receive something. In fact, in our childhood we create the habit of relying on someone  to get almost everything. Except to complain.

Curious enough, other animals are born knowing everything they’ll need throughout their lives. They instinctively feed themselves without any guidance. On the other hand, we must learn everything, as paradoxical as it may seem, because we are the creator of our own lives. Everything makes sense once we understand that this is our purpose.

Another fundamental point to understand is that in our essence hierarchy does not exist, the one we establish in our society has no importance when we understand our nature. Based on the laws of the universe, everyone matters and any differentiation that we can establish cannot have a sense of superiority in relation to others.

In the case of gratitude, the connotation is that someone who has gives to the one that doesn’t. Since we are each others channels, we should not develop any indebted feeling once we grow up, it becomes inappropriate because our essence is perfect. The best policy for social conventions, that do not underestimate our creating intelligence, is appreciation. Appreciation is an attitude that respects our capacity to create our individual reality, that comes with the responsibility for everything in our own lives.

The universe does not work based on the moral and ethics, and every time we chose based on this principle, we establish temporary outcomes that contradict our desire for the best – the perfection of the cause and effect law.

Become integrated with yourself, being responsible, appreciating every single action you take, so you can feel fulfilled and not depend on anyone for that.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.