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By Ary Alonso Millan (†)

The dynamics or our modern times shows that everything is changing, but we are only changing the surface of things. Why? Because this is how the universe works, actually, this is how we deal with what we see and hear, most of all.  What ends up changing is what we perceive with our five senses.

Even if we like it or not, the fact is that our spectacular opinion does not make any difference in the routine of the cause and effect law: only in what we can see.

There are two realities, and we will learn how to deal with them, harmonizing ourselves by choice or by living certain situations that we can call setbacks,  known pathological diseases, financial or relationship crisis.

It would be less painful  to make an effort to understand our immediate atomic reality and how it actually works. Science already knows that we live everything we project from our feelings associated to our references in life, the environment where we live and grow.

This scene we see is the revealed part of who we are; but there is the hidden part, which is our essence, and we need to work with it as well, regardless of how difficult it seems to be; it is in fact only subtil. We enjoy to handle the obvious because it seems to be the truth.

We need to make an effort indeed and we usually do not want to for two reasons: first, because we think that it must be done through religion or a belief system and they always have obscure sides that brings distrust; second of all, because we think that an “spiritual” understanding must be done for free, even if it’s an illusion.

Here, in our planet, everything has a “price” and the lowest of them is always financial, but we prefer to fool ourselves and pay for the invisible “costs”: the adversities in life that we want to run away from.

Understand the purpose of our essence is the path to change for the better, and the starting point is to accept this as the main work that we have to apply with each other, even if it is an individual task.

Make an effort to reveal your inner perfection, for yourself – not for the outside world.