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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

When we stop to observe a baby, we realize that nothing they do makes sense. Their movements do not follow any order, they are completely open to novelties. In fact, it is clear that they prefer the unknown, simply for being different.

If we were to define the life of a baby, we should use expressions such as: erratic, eccentric, extravagant, irregular, instable and so forth…we would never think of words like planning, organisation and discipline. They experiment with whatever is under reach, without judgement. They simply verify what works well that brings the result expected and they throw away what doesn’t work.

The problem is that one that the baby “grow up” and looks like an adult, a grown up being that learnt a lot with his erratic experiences. However, since he continues to act as if events happen randomly,  the previous experience  turns out to be useless in practical terms.

The fact is that we do the same things for years and years and  based on a bizarre rationale, we wish to have different results. We do not understand why certain situations in life do not change and we keep barking up the wrong tree.  If the majority did not suffer with these actions we could be amused, in a childish way.

We should stop living to react erratically; after all we seem fully developed.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.