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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

The ego is seen as the villain in many social aspects, this is the result of an outdated line of thought and archaic religious principles. The feeling of doing everything wrong and the feeling of guilt are some symptoms of self-deprecetiation. How can a mistreated ego make good choices? The decision will always be to compensate a bad feeling for a new high,  which creates a flow of ups and downs. The worst is to accept these ups and downs as the norm, another old fashioned principle.

The limit of our immodesty is in our harmony and our internal integration, so we can act the same way with whom we interact. Our ego becomes our own enemy when  we are driven by temporary will and wanting.

We all need a degree of narcissism to our self esteem. A fulfilled and balanced ego will have more clarity to chose what is best. The key to this integrity is to use our ego for its purpose: choose what we want to create in our lives in the present.

Analyse the past or the others is to feed our ego with comparison and loose ourselves in the process of what really matters. It is the equivalent of wanting to use a boat to connect to the internet, it just doesn’t work, it wasn’t created for that. We cannot change what happened, much less other people. We can chose the best now and create the future reality through our present attitude. Using our survival intelligence for its purpose, and our creating intelligence for its purpose will result in an improved and integrated ego permanently. Just ask yourself in each and every situation (even if you do not know the answers):

What is my desire? What can I do for my desire right now?

Change now and live a different effect.