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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Some popular quotes contain a hidden truth about the functioning of the universe. I recently heard the Chinese proverb “If you think you know it, you don’t know it” and it seems to regard a modesty axiom. In fact, nature exists in abundance, and our galaxies keep expanding non-stop, so modesty sounds more like a currency for the guilt business. We are made of body and soul, or physical intelligence and metaphysical intelligence, considering the goal to demystify the mystical, let’s use hardware (body) and software (intelligence behind it).

When we understand the duality of our nature and we use them for their purposes, we know what we need to do, there is no hesitation.  The cause and effect law premise is that we are responsible for everything in our lives. So if the current situation isn’t fulfilling, there is an internal shift to be worked upon, to clarify the purpose of our next steps.  I can change jobs because I can’t stand my boss or because I am no longer challenged in my current position. Nevertheless, I can change jobs because I want to achieve my best potential and grow up. The action of quitting my job will be the same either way, but why I am doing it makes the whole difference in the long term. Of course this is more than just a sentence. There’s an effort involved to reach an integration, an inner peace with my decision for a long term satisfaction, and it can be practiced in other “meaningless” situations. This is what gives us clarity even if it cannot be seen with our eyes.

The first options could give me a satisfaction that would fade away, and the cycle would repeat itself in the search for the next kick in no time. Not to confuse Confucius a little more, make sure you adjust your internal compass so you know what to change, instead of thinking that you know what to change.

Change now and live a different effect.