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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

In the comprehension of the cause and effect law, we know what is behind what perceive with our five senses. In fact, even the most skeptical people “appeal” to something related to faith at tough times.  “Someone will hear me”, mentioned a friend who works in a practical and logical way in her day to day life, and with an intuitive approach in other aspects.

We live with a certain bipolarity because we need to organize our routines in a structured and logical manner, following the rules of the common sense that were stablished within the region that we live in. On the other side, we live an acceleration of the return of the consequences of our acts that can be scary, leading us to search some sort of connection with the ethereal.

Actually, there is no darkness, only what is hidden or revealed. So where is all that? We want to see, hear, touch, but metaphysically it is impossible; we can only perceive or feel. And yet, even feeling can work as a trap because we can feel the immediate needs of our physical intelligence – our body – what do I get from it right now?

In order to distinguish our physical and metaphysical nature, we must make an effort, we need keep somehow an enthusiasm for the search and have a truthful desire to change.

Next time you want to ask for extra “help”, try to listen to yourself.