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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Medical science has reached a level of knowledge that is enough to give more answers than the common sense is able to perceive, for one single reason: we lack openness in our consciousness to throw away all kinds of dogma and belief systems.

We already know that the “human organism”, or we shall say atomic organism,  is able to regenerate and reconstitue itself completely. In fact,  we regenerate all of our intestine cells in a few days, just like the other organs, until our body is renewed and brand new. Our ageing process, of entropy and cell degradation, accelerates when our youth is gone, but not for a failure of our repair system, but for a change of our consciousness.

We believe that this is the way things are, so the first thing we should do is stop believing or doubting anything in life.  We can learn to observe and experiment, what will give us a new  understanding. I know or I don’t know.

Understanding how the universe works, we learn to live by the truth, that are in between the lines of the cause and effect law. It is easily possible to identify them. They work like the sun, it rises every day, regardless of what we think. The law of gravity does not ask what we think about a fall. We verify the facts and we abandon the “I think this or that”.

At each moment we are curing or treating something damaged in our body, and we do not question the fact that this is a reality independent of any medical action. Instead of believing that we can overcome a cold, we know that it is possible. Our repair system is ready to cure all our physical and psychic ills. It is enough to understand our true capacity and throw away all kinds of dogma and belief system.