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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

The Consciousness Coaching is all about identifying the changes we need to make, to create the perfect flow of events in our lives. The sessions can be professionally or personally oriented, but the results are only achieved if we are committed to change, in spite of what we say. Learn how to change, to live our desires, is our purpose here. Furthermore, one principle works for everything else, whatever we do at work has an impact in our personal lives and vice-versa, we eventually learn how to see and control the cause and effect in our own lives.

You may wonder if this methodology has a spiritual approach, but in fact, we cannot use religious terms to a new vision about ourselves and the universe. We cannot talk about journalism using agricultural terms, they are completely different things. So whatever we believe in is irrelevant, it only exists in our heads, just like the past, it cannot be grasped or relived anywhere. We learn how to assume the sole responsibility for everything that happens to us, and we break patterns of hierarchy. Classifying situations by luck or chance just doesn’t cut it ever since we learnt that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. I don’t believe in anything, either I know or I don’t know and I am going to learn how to….

By applying simple principles to small events in our day to day, we feel more integrated and we have a better perspective of who we really are and what we need to do to create the perfect flow. The events we see are one part of the reality, one interpretation of the labelled references in our brains, and our minds can play tricks on us for temporary amends.  So we might as well learn how to control it and transcend through a change of behaviour towards the best.

Change now and learn how to control the effect.