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By Ary Alonso Millan (†)

That is an old question…

There is a story of a manager who thought that his employees were happier than him, because they did not have as many things to worry about. On the other hand, the employees thought that the manager was happiness himself, for owning so many nice and expensive things. Money is the second most powerful consciousness that exists in the atomic world. The first most powerful one is sex. Why? Because it has the potential of creating a new life. Nothing more powerful than that.

Let’s also understand what happiness is indeed. Just like repeated pain becomes suffering, repeated joy or permanent happiness is part of our fulfillment – our purpose in life, that is reached when we integrate body and soul at all times. Being happy is the consequence, no matter what happens, even if rationally we feel like being victims of something. But this article is about money and yet we need to understand all these principles, to make the best possible use, to create all the available prosperity and abundance.

The main characteristic of cash is its undifferentiated state. When we own any amount of money, we can transform it into different things. However, after a purchase, we no longer have the ability to chose. For example, if we wish that an apartment rapidly becomes money, it loses its value. One million dollars has one power, an apartment worth one million dollars has another kind of power, inferior, of course.

Money can bring us freedom, specially in movement. Now, what can we do to be prosperous? We basically need two things: appreciation and desire, that being manifesting  words and actions that correspond to our desire. If we speak and act towards limitations, we are getting on the way of our goal.

Taking care of the integration of our physical (rational) with our metaphysical (soul), in search for best, we can always be fulfilled and reach everything without suffering.

Happiness and prosperity are just a small piece of fulfillment.