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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Social networks changed the way we relate to one another. It reduced the gap of time and space in our communications, as we can instantly interact with friends and family, almost anywhere in the world. It also made us loose perspective of who we really are and what is our purpose here.

We give much more importance to events all over the world, we allow a flood of information invade our screens and minds, for another flood in our brains of dopamine and pleasure, making this a compulsive behaviour hard to control. We are busy showing solidarity and declaring opinions to conquer some space amongst our Faceless friends, and yet we do not know the name of our neighbour. We are all connected but in fact, we only speak to ourselves. We show our best side on the screens, but we have no real connection. It requires some sort of exposure and vulnerability, and that would be too much effort to our lazy and conditioned physical intelligence, our body.

Being sensitive is to see the reality, see what is behind a scene that will dissolve in one second. It is to realize that the present unfolded is based on the (temporary or permanent) choices we made. The best thing is to assume absolute responsibility for everything we live, because it puts us in the platform towards a new “dimension”, at least in the level of maturity in our relationships. We’ll remember that we need one another, to learn what we can change, to improve ourselves as we are connected beyond our social profiles.

The strength of this connection makes any WiFi obsolete, we do not depend on it to change and live our desires.

Change now and create another effect.