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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

We think that it’s natural to love ourselves. The truth is that if we pay attention to the things that we say and  do, we may realize that we don’t always act according to our desires. It is incredible how hard it is to do the things that we know they will benefit us, at the same time, it is also impressive how much effort we need to make not to get into harmful situations to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

It seems that deep inside we hate ourselves, when we love people and things that are just not good for us. How can we know? It is easy! When there is suffering, fights, complaints that happen constantly, it means at least that there isn’t harmony and balance in the situation or relationship.

Thinking that pain and suffering are “natural” is above all an archaic way of seeing things, it’s an old way of thinking. We no longer use principles for relationships and sex from the last decade, how can we continue to follow these precepts in other areas of our lives?
The fact is that if we don’t love ourselves, how are we going to love and integrate with anyone? Basically, we need to start enjoying what is good for us and learn that living with what harms us is only masochism – in our jobs or in relationships.

Love only what is good for you. Life will get a lot easier, fun and pleasant.