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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

It is easy to replay a scene and analyse how we could have done things differently. Even if only in our minds, reconstruct the past is the same as reliving what we don’t want. Our body is conditioned to a survival mode, that is always in the “what do I get from it right now?” program. Hitting “snooze” in our alarm clock in the morning, wanting to have the last word in every discussion, or any behaviour that we consider as “the right thing” but we don’t get the results we want, it is the temporary pleasure mode that prevails if we let it. We will know better only when we make an effort to get up in the first ring tone or to silence and clearly see the purpose of a discussion.

So the more we want to justify our actions, the more we are trying to convince ourselves not to change, not to do what is best. We can elaborate a worthy justification for catching a cold or for being late for a meeting. With a good reason we don’t feel so bad, afterall it was just an “accident” of this crazy random world. Actually, it is  a waste of life to reject the result of our past actions.

If we wish to change our reality, we must change our consciousness that is mistakenly understood by changing our thoughts or with self-knowledge. We know very well by now that the choices we make today will create our future reality. How about finding an explanation for not choosing to change today to live what we want most in life? If cowardice is not in the vocabulary, it sure is the attitude behind the beautiful arguments that we give meaning.

Being consciously the creator of our own lives is not to waste “time” with explanations of the past but to change our behaviour to do what has to be done and create the perfection flow of our lives. That is a game that no one loses in the end.

Change now and break a record with a new effect.