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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

The laziness of man makes him want to solve everything with the mind. It is said: “mind over matter”, “mind creates matter”, “mind is matter”. Since our thoughts are not made of an atomic structure, we imagine that they are the subtil part of our existence and it can explain everything that is not physical. It is just a distraction, because everything that is mental is associated to our body.

Since we are no longer able to perceive nature intimately, we forget to observe how the universe works and everything around us to understand the purpose of our lives. We then create any sort of moral and ethical foolishness to justify stupid choices we make. We just shift our conditioned behaviour to right and wrong, positive and negative, beautiful and ugly, just like what happens in training a puppy.

The medical science is not geared to recover the well-being of a person, instead it creates exams and tests to support the business. Medicine can say that we are what we eat or what we think, it doesn’t seem to work one way or another.

Although we are the intelligence behind our atomic structure, we insist in solving everything with the part that seems the most intelligent: the brain and our extraordinary mind. Despite our thoughts being spectacular, they are just one form of manifestation but not the intelligence behind life itself.

A brilliant mind, with all the libraries in the world is nothing compared to our metaphysical consciousness that rules everything. Abandon the temporary of the mind to live the permanent of the consciousness.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.