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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

The movie “Limitless”portrays Bradley Cooper in the role of a failed writer who becomes the best version of himself in seconds, with the use of a drug. The pill allows him to access 100% of his brain, so he knows what to do and when to do the things that will improve himself and his life.

Ever since our kind started to create its own reality,  by expanding its consciousness, we are constantly looking for ways to overcome ourselves. Whatever seemed impossible revealed otherwise possible, but not overnight and not effortless either. Those who love to say that something is hard or that they cannot accomplish this or that, are the same that want to solve everything with a magic pill, in other words, put the responsibility elsewhere other than themselves.

We foolishly think that belief is the key to our fulfilment. It is nonsense! What aspect in the universe depends on someone’s faith to function? All phenomena in nature happen regardless of our political or religious systems. We don’t believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, we know that it will. Just like Bradley Cooper’s character knows what actions to take to achieve his desires, this can be the reality to all of us:  see the whole picture before it begins.

The Consciousness Coaching trains anyone who would like to change, to control the steps in life by using our physical intelligence for its purpose and our metaphysical intelligence for its purpose. There’s no need to depend on any drug for that matter. What is left is a life of fulfilment and permanent pleasure throughout the process. How’s that for a frame?

Change now and live a different effect.