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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Science declared, in the year of 2000 that the nature of our cells  is to regenerate itself infinitely. What does it mean? It means that not regenerating them is a corruption to ourselves.  The pure and simple evolution of anything in life is the proof that the existing barrier are there to be overcome, better yet, to be broken. However, we are often establishing limits to everything we do. When we feel cold, instead of protecting ourselves, we tell ourselves that we are going to get sick. What happens next? We get a cold.

The big question is: why do we manifest consciousness that we do not wish for real? Because we enjoy playing the prophet and say things that match the statistics, it gives us a feeling of being right. As if life’s purpose was to define what is right and what is wrong? I’m sorry but the universe is perfect in the cause and effect law. Every atomic manifestation will generate an effect or a consequence. What moves everything is the desire. Every desire expressed will be fulfilled, on earth as it is in heaven. It is the same in the physical or metaphysical dimensions. The only difference is that in the metaphysical dimensions there is no space, time or movement. It does not require any effort.

The main characteristic in life that we know is the atomic effort. From breathing, to a heart beat or building a house require efforts that generate an atomic friction. To break barriers is not to be impressed by it, simply because we are the creating intelligence of all reality. Give up the limited consciousness and start to walk towards immortality.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.