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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

In life, we are always searching our dreams. Our essence is the desire for the best but our physical nature, our body, wants to get there through the immediate gain. With this impulsive line of thought, we are always thinking that some other reality would be more adequate or correct. We wish to repair what we are living, and then, we never reach the maturation point in anything. It is like grabbing a fruit that is not ripe.

There is a confusion in our capacity to imagine a future aligned with what we desire, because we wish to correct the actual reality and we avoid dealing with it right now. However, it is only by learning how to deal with it that we will reach our dreams. Thinking that the Belle Époque or the Golden Age were better than today is just an interesting cultural trip. The best moment will always be the present moment, what we are living and doing here, because this is the opportunity to seize our desire.

Learn with life is to learn ow to live well in any situation, even if it is exactly the opposite of what you wished to be living. This is life’s biggest secret for a good life: not wishing to change or fix any fact.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand how we can change with them, so that we can pave the way in the direction of our desires. Live our dreams in the future is natural when we are living with integrity in the search for the best today.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.