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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

If there is something in common in all religions and belief systems, is the certainty of associating a better life with actions from the heart. The intention is to solve all human being’s miseries that were created by the lack of love for one another. They associate the heart with goodness, as if there were only nobel feelings in the organ that pumps life. The worst thing that a human being can do is to act based on his/her emotions that are always generated from a rational and logical reference. The survival instinct that moves us is always egocentric and impulsive.

It looks like that any response to anything in life was something thought through. Of course, we have a thousand reasons  for an attitude, but in fact it is only instinctive and robotic. When an individual decides to solve things with agression or even murder, it comes from the heart, that is filled with anger and hate. Unfortunately, the heart shelters all kinds of feelings, from the most pure joy to te deepest sadness.

The main difficulty is to learn how to deal with things in a different manner, without rebelling with what happened. It is the cause and effect law in place, therefore, fighting against what we created leads us to growing old instead of growing up. Exacerbating our emotions accelerates our ageing process, because we are no longer accepting the return of our own vital force, that was in our actions which originated this consequence. What we can and must do is to act with intelligence to reach our desires. It is enough to get out of our emotional behaviour towards anything that happens, and assume the real control in life through our subtil consciousness, the essence behind everything.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.