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Our wonderful  common sense makes us see two alternatives in every situation: the good and the bad, the good and the evil,  the positive and the negative. There is nothing more limited than thinking (and acting) to this alternation, that conditions us to be happy or sad, happy or unhappy. In fact, the only thing we make in life are choices. We can chose in the  temporary impulsivity and urge of the moment, or we can learn to chose for the best.

Imagine there are always two doors in front of you: one on the right that doesn’t show anything clearly, and one on the left that shows a prize of 10 million. Looking at these two doors at the moment of our choice, without knowing the consequences, we chose the one that shows an award, but the minute we open this door, we also commit to pay interests and taxes along the way. However the door on our right, with no apparent prize, gives us 1 billion for free, with no future commitment.

We have these choices all the time. At each moment, we can chose the door on our right or left that takes us to different realities. In order to always chose our desires, it is enough to verify if the consequences or the results or our choices are exactly what we want in our lives. Act and speak with responsibility, this is the physical effort that we need to make because it will determine what kind of future we will live. Our body is limited and it has an instinct of survival that only sees two options to each situation. Our essence is infinite and every attitude we have creates a consciousness, the intelligence behind our future reality.

Controlling our actions in the present, we control and we change our future. This way, we can have a broad perspective and a pleasant life every day.

Change now and live a different effect.