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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Why do we fear giving in? Because we have an intelligence that is made to maintain our survival. As incredible as it seems, when we let go, we have the impression that we will not survive the feeling of “loss”. Human beings think, in their rational and logical minds, that they desire things, when in fact we are hungry for the feeling and the sensation of pleasure.

We level based on our own history, our experience, that limits our pleasure, because we think that we can only like what we already know. Therefore, most people do not enjoy changing the chair in the office, let alone changing function or changing work. Giving in is to accept a change in our rational and logical references; that is why it is so difficult to let ourselves go to the natural flow in life.

However, without this freedom we are helpless and we tend to act stubbornly. This inflexibility blocks our learning process, even if it gives an apparent feeling of control. When we understand that we are the creating intelligence and that our purpose is to have pleasure with everything, it becomes easier to, what many call, surrender. Also because we see that we are actually surrendering to ourselves. Denying to let things go, to what happened in the past,  only delays our pleasure towards our desire.

Abandon the stubbornness of what you know to live the fulfilment to create the new.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.