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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Not everyone likes to dream, but it is exactly what we do when we imagine any sort of reality. Dreams are not only a kind of thought that we have when we are asleep. Creating the perfect situation to each area of our lives is part of our purpose to obtain pleasure with everything. The difference between an empty or fulfilled dream is in our capacity to maintain a behaviour, and attitude in synch with the desire we defined. In fact, an attitude that is in the opposite direction of our dreams is a lot more common than it seems.

Human beings have been learning throughout the centuries that pain and suffering is part of life, that failed  longings is what happens to the most of us. Through a social, moral and ethical understanding, only a minority is capable of accomplishing their dreams. As if there were certain “chosen” people in the universe.

The inability to realize that we are much more than a physical consciousness “encapsulated” in a body is the biggest barrier to reach and fulfil all of our dreams. Another thing that gets in the way is not knowing exactly what we want…we have a natural difficulty to define our objectives, and so we create stories to live some character. We lose ourselves and we no longer realize who we are, let alone knowing what we want.  We mix up our search without knowing what is real, if we are living a model we saw on TV or in a magazine.

It is fundamental to define who we wish to be from our feelings and desires, never based on someone else’s life. Establish your internal truth never to have empty dreams again.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.