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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

It is impossible to live in a better environment without improving each one of us, individually. Wanting things to happen one way is just an immature choice.  We are either doing what we want, or we are doing what has to be done, based on what is best.

A marathon runner succeeds with resilience by doing what has to be done before taking the first steps to complete the race. When the day comes, a consciousness of completing it is ready, there is no doubt, it will be natural to run all of the 42,2 kilometres. Training is just one aspect, that has to be done, to create this reality. It seems difficult at first but it is the discipline and the thrill of the accomplishment that are at stake. The athlete’s  actions are based on something he/she cannot yet see, but it is a desire.

However, rushing through life accelerates a consciousness of termination and ending, as if we wanted life to just happen already and get it over with. The key element lies in the pleasure of creating and building a reality. That being a reality of finishing a marathon, a successful company, a harmonious family, a fulfilling career, you name it.

Anything becomes possible when we do our part of the deal towards transcending our apparent limitations. The responsibility only lies in ourselves, if we are 3, 25 or 92 years old. Just the fact of being alive means that we have changes to make and desires to fulfil. Don’t take it for granted! Deal with what is happening at the moment but act based on your desire, even if you can’t see it yet, one step at a time.

Change now a live a different effect.