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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Human beings are an ambulant desire and our nature requires that we fulfil them. Chasing how we will fulfil this desires is the “game” of everyone alive. We can fulfil them with our survival intelligence that seeks instant satisfaction, without measuring the consequences, creating temporary pleasure, or we can act based on our creating intelligence, that seeks what is best permanently, disregarding the survival instinct.

The two most important points to reach everything we wish for are: the desire for what is new and appreciation for what we have. Appreciate our own condition is when we never feel unhappy or miserable. Life is to fulfil our desires in a pleasurable and permanent way.

It is easy to verify   if we are using our nature to create what is best, using it for its purpose. Create by speaking and acting based on what we see with our five senses, through moral and ethics, is not the language of our essence. Our essence is in constant search for the best.

When we don’t achieve something we wish for, it only means that it lacks desire or appreciation. We way we want something but then we start to create barriers, saying expressions such as: it is hard, I can’t do it or even think that we don’t deserve it. Unfortunately there is no moral and ethics in the functioning of the universe, only what is best.

A way of uniting desire and appreciation instantly is doing something that goes against our physical nature: If we feel good when we control other people, it is time to abandon this pattern, if we depend on the approval or opinion of others, it is time to displease them.

What is missing for you? Desire or Appreciation? Answer this question and find the way to reach everything you wish for.