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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Knowing that things could be different is meaningless if no action is taken to change the situation. Without an attitude towards the best is the same as being myope and not knowing. We only realize how shortsighted we were in the first place when we put the glasses on as we see things clearer.

There is a story of a worker who dedicated his life building houses for a well known company. He was an excellent employee for many years and just before his retirement, his boss insisted that he built one last house. He decided to do so against his will, but he could not get a hold of his impatience and frustration which reflected in his work. This last house had crooked walls and poor infrastructure, because he was eager to finish as soon as possible to enjoy his retirement. When the house was finished, his boss gave him his last pay-check along with the keys of this house and said “thank you for your hard work during all these years. This house is yours”.

Nothing is what it seems to be at first, it is our actions that shape the future. If we build our lives with impatience and lies, it still ours. Thinking that the job is for our bosses or our clients is just a shortsighted way of living.

Changing our perception about our relationships is the biggest effort of all. It shifts the responsibility, and we finally find out the steps we need to take in our process to grow up and see things clearer. Always do your best for yourself, because we can only affect our own lives permanently.

If you read this and you think that your colleague or your boss is the one who needs to change, it is not what it seems, so put your glasses on and read it again…

Change now a live a different effect.