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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

We live to say that life is this and work is that, that the person next to us does not understand or satisfy us. We think that free will is to declare opinions that seem to be choices. But, in fact, we rarely know what we really want  nor we take actions that resemble our desires.

Therefore, we fight with the actual reality because it doesn’t resemble what we imagine. We manifest things that are not in tune with ourselves and so we criticise whoever is around and pushing ourselves away form our purpose.

Women need an emotional connection but end up taking relationships for granted in the search of fulfilling their emotional needs. They invert the roles, putting the condition of “being in a relationship” above the quality of a possible encounter. Men feel frightened and use their relationships for the fear of being used.

Knowing what we want requires an effort. We must think and define things, personalities, style, so then we can know if the fruit of our desire is really in front of us. We stop living temporary relationships as a way to waste our time until we find the “click”. The “click is what most people want. nobody knows exactly how it works and where it comes from…We think that it is a divine sign, but in fact, it is just an indication of similar consciousness. we meet people with whom it is easy to talk to and others that it seems almost impossible.

Enjoy what someone else gives us, being a company at pleasant times, being a physical and material comfort, does not mean that we are on the best path. We need a connection with whom will make us grow, be better every day, naturally with someone that has our admiration.  Having fun with the wrong while waiting for the right just shows that we are lost.

Get to know what you really want and everything else will be easier to understand.