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By Ary Alonso Millan

Forever! This is probably the hardest vote to do. First, because most people believe in the end, even when science declared twelve years ago, that the nature of our cells is to regenerate infinitely. Then, for the fact that we perceive the functioning of things in a cyclical way in the physical world. We are not capable to live health, prosperity and love forever for the simple fact that in our heads everything must have an end.

So there are changes in our lives, that take us out of our automatic comfort, and provoke the need of a new attitude, and then we start thinking that everything is wrong and that it must be corrected. If we learn that change is what is best, we would live in permanent peace. How can we not realise that the universe is in constant and infinite change? Why do we feel contradicted with things not going our way? It doesn’t mean it is over, only that it will not be they way our ego imagined…However, t does not mean that it is contrary to our desire.

When something contradicts us, it is enough to accept the perfection of the cause and effect law, so that everything goes back to what we imagined in the first place. If something is over, accept the end so that a new cycle begins at another time with more maturity, with another job or another love.

Life is forever, relationships, prosperity and health can also be, but we must be consistent with our integrity, independent of the process that happens around us. Abandon the caterpillar to become the butterfly of your dreams.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.