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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

It is a self deceiving way to think that changing is to change company, city or boyfriend.  As the title from this article  suggests, the real changes to grow up are beyond the surface, beyond our interpretations of right or wrong.

When we change our consciousness, we change our reality, and we have been doing so since we became “Adam and Eve”, when we no longer acted only from our survival instinct, like any other animal. Of course we are still animals, but the difference is that we acquired the capacity to create. Do you know any other being capable of changing its own reality?

This nature, beyond our five senses, is the subtle aspect of life that we deal with every single day with our vehicle, our body.There are two realities, the survival one, preprogrammed sustained by our past and linked to our memory, and the other reality is creative, connected to our perceptive nature, that has nothing to do with common sense. When we act from our survival nature, that being insulting your husband, or giving in in a negotiation, we create a limitation in the subtle aspect. It is the same as saying that we do not want to grow up, just like a baby that does not want to learn how to walk and says “Why do people walk? Why doesn’t everyone stay seated?” Life is not static, and for everything to exist in the physical world, we must make an effort otherwise we would lose the pleasure of changing and growing up. What is more pleasurable, winning a car from mom and dad or buying your own with your effort?

We have permanent pleasure when we act towards the best, and there will always be a new best, or a new “there”. Just like climbing up an automatic escalator that is going down, if we abandon the effort to control our ego, we go back 10 steps.

Change internally to have the perception that goes beyond the surface, in each and every situation, then you will be able to see the changes you must keep making to fulfill your desires

Change now and live a different effect.