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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Because some events in life seem to be so random, we act as fast as a flash to blame someone for them. Just like in a child’s game, everyone uses the hot “it wasn’t my fault” statement as a potato and pass it on. “I cannot make the payment, the country is in crisis” is the last one I heard. The country is in crisis because we don’t want to assume our responsibilities. A small management crisis hits a macro level in no time, like a disease spreading. Or is it by chance that these things happen?

Guilt is a double-edged sword. When we didn’t do our best in one area, we wish to compensate it somewhere else. It  starts with a thought followed by a feeling, until it becomes an attitude and a habit. Piling up guilt results in relationship crisis, financial crisis, a weak immune system…Knowing that we are responsible for our lives only makes sense when we act the same way. And for every excuse we give, there is another angle with unending possibilities to much better results, for everyone.

Imagine being stuck in traffic and looking for the source of the situation, as if knowing what happened would change anything. It only disables you to see the little street that leads to an empty avenue of possibilities. Leave the traffic controllers to their roles, and put your vital energy acting towards the best, which is never in the hands of someone or something else other than yourself.

Put your desires in charge or keep living like Homer Simpson who says “It’s my fault and I put it on whoever I want!”

Change now and live a different effect.