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By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

The biggest question, to women and men, is in relationships. Men can pretend, posing as if they didn’t care, but they would like, at least, a nanny or a mother to put order in their lives. Women, in their majority, want to take care of someone, and it is impressive how much they like a bearded juvenile. Therefore, the maternal instinct is always present, and when the partner acts immaturely, the woman becomes the breadwinner. It is not for granted the quantity of couples where the woman is older than her boy. It becomes a lot easier to dominate the child.

The fact is that, without emotional balance, nobody lives well. The confusion, however, happens when people think that having the emotional aspect sorted-out means having someone by their side. Women have began relationships with someone for all the rational and imaginable reasons, except because they have identified the character and the personality that they desire by their side. In the failure to wait for who is best, they stay with whoever approaches first, without any criteria, except the physical attraction and neediness. Too little patience, too much impulsivity.

Developing friendships between men and women is something uncommon nowadays, except if there is some sort of attraction between them. However, if we do not create friendships, how can we truly know someone? By their smell? By their shape? By the empty speeches? Of course, nobody has time to wait…For all the reasons mentioned above, we see more and more often immature relationships, where people with thirty, forty and fifty years old, still play the mother and son game, Freudian speaking.

The mothers always patient, and their sons wanting their mommy to care for everything and feed them in their mouths. A little bit of intimacy, a little bit of affinity, but complicity that is the key, there’s zero. If helping the big son to mature is a hard job, don’t worry about it: buy a baby bottle, this is the everything is allowed era…

Take care of the cause and control the effect (or not).