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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

With the technological revolution, we are able access all kinds of information. Doctors have their knowledge questioned because Dr Google showed a different prescription. Travel agencies biggest competitor is Google and all its universe of recommendations and evaluations available online. Not to mention that the lives and background of almost anyone is just a click away, like a clueless would say, “information is power”. Any religion claims to have the power against all evil in the world, in their entitled sacred ancient subscriptions, and how they must teach everybody else to love thy neighbour. This form of idolatry has led to many deaths in history not to mention nowadays.

The best about the past is that it has passed. If five minutes ago can’t be recaptured, let alone 2000 or 4000 years, when historians wrote about their perception, of how the universe works. The same people that thought that the world was flat wrote guidelines that are still used nowadays, in the 21st century. Poor archaic modernity…

I have never seen a baby learning how to walk because he/she found a video on Youtube showing how to. Nor have I seen a child learning how to talk, when their parents speak on their behalf. Imagine if the sun took action because it thought that mercury wasn’t doing its job properly or not loving Pluto the way it thinks it should. What a cosmic chaos would that be? Any chaotic resemblance you see is purely coincidental (or not). There is no belief system in the functioning of the universe, but there is accountability, where we are each responsible for everything in our own lives.

We are a moving desire that wishes to fulfill a permanent reality with the according words, actions and thoughts. Either I know or I don’t know and I will learn how to_______ Feel free to fill in the blanks with your truthful desire, it will make a lot more sense than finding an answer online. The sky is the limit! Actually, there is no limit, just like the galaxies that keep expanding nonstop.  All past information becomes obsolete upon the infinite creating capacity of our essence.

Change now and live a different effect.