By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Is a couple’s relationship supposed to be a binding contract?

Clause I: I pay for our vacations and now you have to do whatever I want.
Clause II: I assume this relationship socially as long as it is convenient for me.
Clause III: I put up with your family so you have to accept the way I am.

It is shocking to see how many adults submit themselves to a commitment that only “favours” one side of the parties. The same adult that is financially independent and cares for his/her offspring, puts him/herself in situations that don’t add up. It doesn’t make sense to go on vacation with your other half and come back with a cold or feeling worst than before. Relationships either bring you up or down, but it is never the other person who does that to you. People interfere up to where you allow them to. So instead of acting as a victim, look at the big picture and set boundaries. Keeping scores for who has more leverage in the relationship can be harmful, and the result will never be a win-win, but a rather unpleasant materialization of mistreating yourself for so long.

Is that the purpose of a relationship? Like any other contract, it has an expiry date.
A couple’s relationship is supposed to be harmonious and pleasant. The other person will care for the relationship as much as you care for yourself and he/she cares for him/herself. So the encounter can be a third consciousness that both parties commit to doing what is best for both. Then there is a chance to live a fulfilling and permanent marriage, because both are choosing to potentialize each other.Be the person you wish to have by your side, not because you want their approval, but because you want to be the best version of yourself. There isn’t a lawyer in the world able to create a “contract” more fulfilling than choosing to be your best every single day. The result has the potential of a lifetime of complicity.

Change now and live a different effect.