By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

We give a lot more importance to the answers than to the questions we should be asking ourselves in the first place. A worker is wondering when he will get his raise, which is different from what can he do to get his raise? A mother is worried about her son’s future, but what can she do to teach him something worthwhile?  Children are born natural scientists that want to explore their own realities. It is our rights and wrongs, “dos and don’ts” that shape their limitations.

This young woman, who lost her mother years ago, had no one else to blame for her limitations anymore. She had to assume the responsibility for her life. Depending on her father for income was getting redundant, even though a percentage of the heritage from her mother’s decease was lawfully due.

She learnt to be financially independent, which consequently made her more emotionally mature too. Her reality, before being responsible for herself, was as if we took a sample of water from the sea with a cup and noted: there are no fish in the ocean. By exploring her alternatives and resources, the possibilities became gradually more abundant.

Science can see at least 100 billion galaxies nowadays. It is as if every day, and every moment, there are at least 100 billion possible outcomes, for this is our essence. They unfold based on what we do with our atomic structure, our body. Our moral and ethics (not to mention religion) is what gets in the way. The universe does not function on these false pretenses, and we are the universe. A simple way to realize is by asking if the principles of our actions work anywhere in the world. If the answer is no, then make no mistake that the result will be temporary.

In order to have a more fulfilling life, assume your responsibilities, start by paying your bills or controlling your emotions and you will be one step towards a new reality, or at least a bigger sample of water from the ocean, to then ask yourself new questions.

Be curious. Be bold.

Change now and live a different effect.