By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Is there a gap to what we think, what we say and what we do? We speak in a way of how we wish to be perceived by ourselves and by others. When we tell someone what they need to do, that being a child, a spouse or a friend, and it is something that we on’t do, it only makes us a liar, or an arrogant who wants to drive someone else’s life. The point is aligning the think/speak/act dimensions based solely on our desire – permanent and in our reality.

There is tale of a wise man who lived on top of a risky mountain. He advised those who arduously climbed to see him, on what they needed to change so their lives could keep flowing. A concerned mother, whose son was very ill, didn’t know what else to do regarding the poor health of her child. They climbed the mountain to talk to the wizard. He carefully heard the problems presented by the mother and only said one sentence: come back next week. The mother intrigued but aware of the wizard’s reputation didn’t question him and a week later climbed back with her son. He then spoke: your son needs to stop eating sugar. Mesmerized as the mother was, she asked: why didn’t you tell me this last week? He replied: because I can only tell you to do what I do, and from last week to this one I stopped eating sugar.

Our thoughts, although a subtle aspect, are not the essence behind life. It is the fruit of our minds, which is part of our organism. So the purpose is not to stop thinking because this is what our minds do effortlessly. We don’t tell our liver to stop doing its functions because we don’t like it. Our body is in harmony when each organ does its function the best way it can.  We can control our thoughts though, when our behaviour is opposite of what we are thinking. What should be in control then? What is best for you, all the time, which is consequently best for everyone around you, just like the functioning of our body.

Change now and live a different effect.