By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

We have a need of validation for everything we manifest, speaking and acting. When we speak, we usually wish to project something that, in general, is the figure of how we would like to be perceived. We do not use our words to express our desires or the things that will lead to them. We speak things that we perceive as beautiful and that demonstrate how good people we are.

We forget our desires simply for the need of recognising ourselves as a moral and unspotted figure, inside some foolish model we created. Since we live of these fantasies and illusions we projected, our relationships become more mundane. Years go by and we take time to discover that we are completely alone even by someone else’s side. We are driven by three kinds of desires: the animal, the social and the natural. The social level desires are used to create hierarchy. The most common of them are based in the comparison of beings, specially for someone who has more knowledge, power or money. In fact, we only wish to be better or superior than others. But why do we have this kind of need? Because, in order to live our purpose in life, we must grow up, which means improving our physical life, and for that, we must work to be better people each day. Better than who? Better than ourselves.

Abandoning our will of being superior than anyone is a hard job, specially because we have doctrines ad religions speaking of elevation and purification – whatever kind of foolishness this means for those that adore hierarchy. Forget the recognition to integrate yourself only with your desire and not to the wanting and wills. Be the best creating intelligence that you can be for yourself.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.