By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Responsibility is the main root in the forest. We are accountable for everything in our lives. There are the moral and ethics laws that each colony builds in the jungle, yet the main one is monkey see, monkey do.

Our irrefutable judgement, and the sentence we give our loved ones of what they are doing “wrong”, is the same as watering a crop we don’t wish to have in our homes. Each person is responsible for his/her own behaviour and beyond the physical aspects and interests, everyone in our reality resembles our own behaviour in some level.

A wife who constantly complains about her husband’s rudeness, expecting that a magic potion changes this pattern, will always be frustrated in trying to drive himself. Not acknowledging the rudeness is the subtle limit her loved one will understand without any petty objection. There will be no one backing up this kind of attitude, so it won’t make sense anymore. Besides, changing the way he talks to her will then be a choice, not a chain of command. Regardless of our judgement about our peer’s behaviour, if it is in our reality is because we metaphysically act the same way.

The same wife, who complains about her husband, is sometimes rude to her employees. No wonder a similar situation happens in her life in a different aspect. We are one consciousness and whatever we do in one area of our lives reflects everything else. We don’t need scientists to tell us that anymore. Actually, if certain situations keep repeating, it only means that we haven’t changed. Unlike the monkeys whose survival instinct is the only condition, we have a creating intelligence that reflects based on what we manifest with our body, our survival intelligence.

Give limit to what is not the best and speak and act towards your desire, which is permanent and in your reality, not in your partner’s. You will grow up to see a different relationship with the same monkeys, I mean people.

Change now and live a different effect.