By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Our instant reaction to any uncomfortable event is finding someone or something to blame. This gives us a temporary comfort that exterminating all evil in this world peace will be restored. But the universe functions regardless of our rating of importance and events unfold rather we like them or not. However, now seems to be the right place and the right time to change because 5 minutes or 10 years cannot be grasped in the present.

A lot of us have the understanding that we are responsible for everything in our lives but the minute a colleague does not follow our instructions we feel justice is not being made, and the responsibility goes outside the window…Following a religious ritual or an exoteric one does not make anyone better than the other, it only creates differences and a hierarchy is established. Well, there is no hierarchy in the cause and effect law, we are each responsible for everything in our lives. “Justice” is made when we cherish life and when we respect our neighbours by doing our best in our end of the grass. The simple concept of “putting your mask of oxygen first” is the golden rule since you are responsible of taking care of your vehicle, the so called body. Otherwise it is hierarchy wanting to drive someone else’s life and teaching them your way of doing things.

Finland never had a monarchy and their entire society is built not in pleasing an outside figure but taking care of themselves and if a neighbour asks for help, they are able to do so without a superiority feeling that is fed on Facebook and reality shows we see nowadays. Allow me to mention they are highly civilised, wealthy and in constant contact with nature. Their forests are very much valued and eco friendly soap is something part of their reality long before you and I started worrying about global warming.

So if you are wondering if you are integrated and working towards your purpose in life, just the fact that you are alive means that you have the potential to change anything you want and the best way to cherish the lives of those who are already gone is respecting your own, without hierarchy. Life always goes on…

Change now and live a different effect.