By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

We love to bring complexity to our lives. Generalists are seen as unfit – we live the era of specialists. Therefore, we create an endless path in depth of labelling people and things.

The more we see ourselves as complex beings, the more we think that everything are possibilities. Poor quantum physics so misunderstood…Based on these concepts, we live at times of doing whatever we want in terms of expression. The importance is to extricate, even if later we are only left with emptiness.

The fact is that we live thinking of having a control, at least, of our choices, since we do not believe in the possibility of being something else more than a vulnerable atomic body. The only decision we can take, consciously, is to suffer or not in our process. The answer seems very obvious but it is not. Human beings have been taught and even conditioned to see the suffering as something necessary or even natural. Specially because after reaching a pain to its limit, one can only surrender and abandon the need to feel it.

This is the problem: we also reach our objectives with pain. The fact that it is not mandatory or conditional, changes everything, because we can reach our objectives in a smooth and harmonious way. This is how the Consciousness Coaching works: creating the intelligence that will put together the atoms of the reality we desire. Eliminate all kinds of behaviour that is limiting and saboteur in order to desire a good life without pain, as a simple reflect of the search for the best.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.