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By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Imagine that every human being on this planet received a message showing how long they still had to live. The elder lying on the hospital bed became cheerful to know that he had another 12 years to enjoy, meanwhile the young nurse felt injured for having only 2 months left. This is part of the plot of Jaco Van Dormael’s latest movie “The Brand New Testament”.

The question everyone asks: what to do with the time left to live? Many think and say they want to be happy. When we watch all the tragedies in the news, are we thinking of happiness? When we criticise someone, is it because we want to be happy? When we complain about life (or about our bosses, our husbands, our friends…) are we acting as someone who wishes to be happy?

Our bodies are programmed to have pleasure, and this is precisely the feeling we get when we do anything, as matter of fact. Even the attitudes we label as “negatives” generate a feeling of pleasure, but it is a temporary pleasure. Are we just a fragile body that (re)acts conditioned to the external events? Or are we the only ones responsible for everything we create in our lives?

Pay attention to what you have been doing and notice if it matches your deepest desires, otherwise change yourself towards what is best to generate a feeling of permanent pleasure.

Being happy is a consequence of the choices we make in every single moment.

Change now and live a different effect.