By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

We are all “good advisors” as we all know what to say in every situation – specially if we need to warn someone about something.Of course there are situations we see the person is not aware and a warning will come handy, but, in fact, it is enough to say that someone is going out at night by herself, to automatically hear: “Be careful”. You are going climbing or trekking: “Watch out. It can be dangerous”. Motorcycling in certain spots will be practically considered a radical sport without the appropriate equipment.

The fact is that we love to mind other people’s lives, using the statement that we care for them. However, when we do so, we manifest a consciousness of limitation that, in some way, will become real. It is not a matter of jinxing it, but we generate vibrations that are a communication to our metaphysical intelligence (mirror) and they become real in the physical world, creating an event accordingly.

Every time a “good soul” wants to give an alert, you must question if others wish to hear, otherwise it is just a lie where the truthful interest is to feel superior. It gets worse: there is a responsibility in everything we reveal in the physical world, and this consciousness reflects in the life of those who love to give warnings.

On the other hand, if we wish to protect ourselves from these good advisors, it is enough not to give any form of recognition to what that person is saying, no need to disagree, or correct them. A silly smile will be what we need not to bring this limitation to our lives. Nowadays journalism is organised very much in this way, everyone wants to become presenters of the tele-tragedy. Run away from them and let every manifestation in tone of a warning be in the lives of those who like this.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.