By Diana Morais

Consciousness Coach

Scientists explain that the Big Bang was an enormously rapid but short burst of expansion, known as inflation.That explains the origin of what we know as the universe and the galaxies that our limited telescopes are able to see. Limited because we also know that the universe is getting bigger all the time, our available technology is not able to reach it yet. But the question of how life began is studied by scientists who try to replicate using a chemical or cellular approach, to name a few.

The question still remains unanswered and it will stay that way until science considers that a physical proof of the beginning of life does not rely on a concrete explanation, because life as we know it is subtle, it is an intelligence. Until a metaphysical explanation is taken into account, science will always be limited to explain the “mysteries”, the intelligence behind life. I am not talking about one powerful intelligence that rules everything, unlike religion, who puts this intelligence in the third person and name it as a powerful force who will punish or bless us all.

What we want to explore is how each one of us is the creator of our own lives, understanding our metaphysical intelligence. All the time, we are either behaving based on our physical intelligence, our survival mode, or we are acting towards an expansion of our reality/universe, towards the best. Our consciousness,the intelligence behind, has an impact in our environment, we rule everything in our own lives. (But we often want to be big in someone else’s lives, it just doesn’t work). The universe and ourselves are all in synch, we are one organism.

An “inflation”, or a desire, is the effort we need to make, to change and create a different consciousness, thus a new reality. We break metaphysical barriers and a reality unfolds based on our manifestation, the effect of the cause we created.

Change now and live a different potential effect.